Positioning itself at the forefront of modern luxury, Resurrection is a clothing brand with the pedigree to usher men into a world of sophistication. Our unparalleled attention to detailing has positioned us as the lead brand for exceptional finishing in bespoke clothing.

With craftsmen who are committed to perfecting each bespoke piece, whatever your vision, our brilliant and creative client executives collaborate in the showroom to help decide what designs best suit your personality and put down sketches to express it. Afterwards, our devoted tailors create your vision; an outfit magnificent in every sense of the word.


Resurrection clothing has been offering bespoke and made-to-measure services for the past 8 years. Through our years of experience, we have garnered a knack for creating extraordinary pieces that always stand out. Achieved by the ingenuity of our team led by our CEO, each bespoke piece adds an extra element to the desired expectation resulting in a confident expression of poise and grace.


Resurrection is renowned for achieving excellence in the creation of Kaftan, Agbada, Pant, Suit Jacket, Danshiki, corporate and traditional-print-infused-corporate shirts. Which are staples of the modern day distinguished gentleman.
Our creations embody several signatures which include several back-flap designs, unique flap designs, innovative embroidery detailing which deliver timeless beauty. The presence of this signature hallmarks When these signatures are fused together, a unique design is formed; a Resurrection Classic, bound to attract only the most majestic encounters.


Our meeting process with every new client starts from a detailed measurement by our talented client executives. As a new client, a pattern is drafted to achieve your desired fit. Once 70% payment has been made, the first item off your first order is made ready for fitting within 3 working days. After fitting is done, approval is sent for any pending order to be rolled out within 3-4 weeks. All these processes are done to ensure the desired outfit is achieved.


An array of exquisite fabrics available at the showroom are presented with stylish ambience. Luxuriate in the comfort of only 3 meetings with us at our showroom.

First, to place your order and have a detailed measurement taken by our talented client executives, the second encounter is exclusive to new clients to determine the client's perfect fit.

Lastly, once 70% payment has been made, the first item off the first order is made ready for fitting within 3 working days and third, to pick up all pending items entirely within the space of 4 weeks. Client fabrics are also acceptable.



Establish a transmission of values, a pure symbol of tradition; usher in the next generation to experience the executive touch that comes with impeccable clothing. Prepare the next generation for future expectations of class and charisma because every king was once a prince.


Step through the Resurrection gateway into a world of infinite experiences; where men of class and sophistication thrive. Welcome to Resurrection, where clothing becomes art.

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